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Reprogram your mind - while you sleep!

Sleep Programming

Here's How YOU Can Simply Drift Off to Sleep One Night – And WAKE UP Enjoying More CONFIDENCE, More LUCK, More SUCCESS, Greater INTELLIGENCE - Even WEIGHT Loss.

.... And ALL Absolutely WITHOUT EFFORT!

Each of our powerful Sleep Programming sessions contain:

ADVANCED Mind Programming Scripts
POWERFUL Atmospheric Music from Max Adronov
SPECIALLY DESIGNED Brainwave Technology

  Here is How You can Get Startedwith Sleep Programming– Starting TONIGHT, Using Just a Simple Audio Player! PLUS: Discover ADVANCED Sleep Programming Techniq 

Every minute you spend at your PC, will "tune" your brain into automatically achieving MORE

Sleep Programming is perhaps the best kept secret in the self-development industry.
And you know something?
It’s SO SIMPLE that YOU could put some of the techniques behind Sleep Programming to practice yourself, and begin reprogramming your OWN mind – TONIGHT.
You could begin very simply – by recording your own affirmations, and playing them on repeat while you fall to sleep.
Of course, there are a few pitfalls: most people don’t respond well to their own voice; you need to be extremely careful when wording your affirmations; and, you can’t incorporate advanced techniques, such as inductions, binaural beats, monaural beats, and so on.
But you COULD literally begin tonight – WITHOUT ANYTHING ELSE.
Over the past 6 years, we’ve helped to research and refine various sleep programming techniques, via our audio labs based in Australia.
We’ve seen thousands of individuals from across the globe use this technology to begin making RAPID CHANGE in their lives – without ANY EFFORT WHATSOEVER.

Each of our powerful Sleep Programming sessions contain:

ADVANCED Mind Programming Scripts

Just listen as the words take you into a deep slumber, then send commands direct to your mind – reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level. Incorporates direct commands, hypnotic language, NLP and visualization.

POWERFUL Atmospheric Music from Max Adronov

Each recording contains specially composed music from world-leading producer, Max Andronov. Sit back and allow your mind to get absorbed into the sounds – taking you to far away places in just minutes!

SPECIALLY DESIGNED Brainwave Technology

Your mind will always be in a receptive state for the messages, thanks to the “binaural beat” and “monaural beat” brainwave technology used on eachMP3. This is EXTREMELY POTENT, and works with or without headphones!

So, are YOU interested in boosting your life – using the power of Sleep Programming? 

Our official Sleep Programming MP3 range consists of SIXTEEN staggeringly powerful recordings, each lasting around 60 minutes in length, all sold in one bumper-sized package.

It includes EVERYTHING you need to get started, and each MP3 focuses on a separate topic.

When you decide to order the Sleep Programming range, you’ll receive the following individualMP3s…
Turbo-Charge Your SELF-CONFIDENCE – Just Listen As You Sleep! Want to feel more CONFIDENT, literally overnight? Discover how to unlock your inner confidence, and feel comfortable in ANY situation.
Feel GREAT about yourself and your abilities – and be SELF-ASSURED with every decision you make!
Tap Into Your INNER GENIUS Overnight –Find Answers to ANYTHING!
Want to turn yourself into a GENIUS – while you sleep? Rewire your thought patterns at the DEEPEST possible level – and uncover the Einstein within you. Access UNLIMITED creativity, solve complex problems & speed up your thinking process. Just listen as you fall asleep! EASY!
Become Your IDEAL WEIGHT – Absolutely No Effort Required!
What is the PERFECT WEIGHT for you?
Drift off to sleep as this MP3 reprograms your inner mind, ensuring your body burns off excess fat – FAST. Watch the pounds literally FALL AWAY without any effort whatsoever. You’ll become slimmer within days. Losing weight has NEVER been this easy!
Get ANSWERS to Your Problems – In Your Dreams, While You Sleep!
Ever wanted to receive ANSWERS to your problems
– in your DREAMS? Program your mind to provide solutions to even the most complex problems – while you’re asleep. This session will help you find powerful answers, and remember the solutions, each night, every night! It’s how all the GREATEST geniuses work.
Experience AWESOME Business Success – Just Listen to This MP3 Overnight!
Would YOU like to begin experiencing fantastic BUSINESS SUCCESS
– starting tomorrow morning? After just one night with this MP3, you’ll begin making the right decisions, cutting the right deals, and developing the right ideas to ensure your ULTIMATE business success. Extremely powerful.
BOOST All of Your Relationships – Friendships, Partners, Business!
Want to ROCKET your relationships
, just by changing some of your limiting beliefs? This MP3 will make you more open to great relationships with ANYONE – business partners, life-long friends, or your spouse. Become a better person in ALL your interactions! This is one FANTASTIC skill. Just listen as you fall asleep!
Increase Your SELF-ESTEEM – Love Yourself & Change Your Life!
Would you like to begin ACCEPTING & LOVING
yourself completely? It’s essential to your self-esteem – and it’ll turn you into a more likeable, more loving individual. By changing yourself from the inside, you can enjoy POWERFUL SHIFTS in your whole life. And it can happen OVERNIGHT!
Suddenly Become SUPER LUCKY – With the Law of Attraction!
Would YOU like to become an ultra-powerful 
MAGNET to GOOD LUCK? With this recording, you’ll begin to automatically influence your thought patterns to bring “good luck” and “coincidences” your way. Tapping into the power of synchronicities and the Law of Attraction, this session brings AMAZING results!
LEARN ANYTHING FASTER – Just Listen While You Sleep!
Want to be able to master new topics quickly, and have extraordinary confidence in your learning skills? Discover how to unlock your learning potential, and feel comfortable picking up any new subject. Begin to feel great about your abilities to rapidly learn ANYTHING!
Plus 8 more amazing packages!

So if you’re even REMOTELY interested in changing your life overnight – using the power of Sleep Programming – then grab YOUR collection TODAY!

Remember, Sleep Programming requires absolutely NO effort whatsoever. It’s MORE POWERFUL than hypnosis – and every night you listen to the MP3s, you’re further reinforcing some of the most POWERFUL SKILLS you could EVER develop!

Put your self-development on the FAST TRACK. Allow yourself to be surprised.

Grab ALL SIXTEEN POWERFUL SESSIONS, and your THREE bonus gifts – all at our BEST PRICE EVER.

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Sleep Programming


Powerful Sleep Programming Sessions

ADVANCED Mind Programming Scripts
POWERFUL Atmospheric Music from Max Adronov
SPECIALLY DESIGNED Brainwave Technology
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x82 Amazing Self Development Courses worth $2235 for only $149 (save $2086)
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