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A creation from Lee Benson!

EASIER than affirmations... MORE powerful than Hypnosis... FASTER than meditation...

Brain Bullet!


New 'Performance Technology' Zaps Your Mind With Powerful Commands... Helping You Achieve Almost Anything You Desire, Automatically!

Use Brain Bullet! to EFFORTLESSLY...

Increase your mental powers and abilities.
Activate "super-learning" and advanced thinking.
Empower yourself with unstoppable confidence.
Blast through limitations, with Zero effort.
Achieve your goals... be who you want to be!

  Brain Bullet is Instant Effective & Very Powerful!

Every minute you spend at your PC, will "tune" your brain into automatically achieving MORE

What if there's a fast and simple way for you to "steal" the advanced skill-set of the world's most successful people — their confidence, motivation, education, personality — and make it your own?

What if you could realistically re-program your brain to automatically improve your performance in almost anything you try your hand at... in business, your social circles, and your life... without even trying?

If you've ever wanted the ability to implant highly desirable personality traits directly into your brain cells, learn new skills faster than you thought possible, and automatically magnetize success in your life...

Tap Into Higher Brain Power & Intelligence And Invoke "Genius" Thinking...

Learn new skills at lightning speeds

Absorb facts like a cranial sponge, pick-up information at rapid speeds, understand new ideas and concepts faster than ever.

Expand your capacity for thought

Juggle ideas at speed, recognize instant solutions to otherwise complex problems, easily conceive new possibilities and enhance your creativity, effortlessly.

Develop a "super glue" memory

Recall information at lightning speeds, gain immediate entry to your unlimited memory banks, remember names and faces with ease and accuracy, every time.

Ramp your creativity up to the highest notch

Enjoy the power of truly limitless thought, visualize new and exciting business ventures, rapidly digest new ideas, expand your mind and each of your senses... and benefit from variety and adventure in your life.

Here are just a few of the many things you can have Brain Bullet “train” your mind to help you to…

Conquer your fears! — abolish your fears without therapy! Fear spiders or snakes? Hate public speaking, or small spaces? Detest flying, or heights? Luckily, your fear is no more real than the thought process that creates it. Brain Bullet destroys it at the source!
Alter your personality — is there something you dislike about yourself? That cranky mood in the morning? The way you react around the opposite sex? The “mind freeze” you experience when you need your wits most? Brain Bullet can train your mind to alter your seemingly “automatic” reactions to every day events… giving you ultimate self-control.
Improve the speed and clarify of thought — what if you could clear away the mental fog, pump yourself with positive thoughts, and correct emotional imbalances… how much more happy and energized would you be? How much easier would it be to make the decisions that affect your life? How would your relationships with people improve?
Empower your physical self — there’s research that suggests the mind-body link is so strong, that your “thoughts” can literally alter your physical body. What if it’s possible for you to improve your immunity, strengthen your body, even build muscle tissue and zesty health, at the click of a button? Experimenting with this power is easy with Brain Bullet!
Master new skills and talents — is there something you’d really love to be great at, but think you lack the skill or talent to engage in? Brain Bullet enforces your self-belief, which has been proven to have a dramatic effect on your results. This reaffirms your strengths.
Attract the opposite sex! — are you shy around men/women? Have trouble talking to or meeting your potential mates? Or maybe you attract the wrong kind of people into your life, and your relationships always seem to crash and burn? With Brain Bullet, you could enjoy supreme self-confidence, improve your lingual abilities — even improve your looks!
Gain a new zest for life! —what if you could banish problems from your life with ease? What if you were invincible to stress and tension, and renew your life with a vigor that you didn’t know could exist? Live an exciting, rewarding, an adventurous life, in THIS life-time!
Enjoy an incredible edge in business — learn new knowledge easily, adapt strongly to new strategies, improve your creativity and marketing, string together more persuasive pitches, speak at ease in public, deliver confident presentations, and so much more…

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason the program doesn't function in the way you need it to we will be happy to honor our 14-day money back guarantee and issue a refund for the program

Ready to change your life?

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I bought Brain Bullet a year ago and I can certainly say it has been worth every penny! - AMAZING!

Ann White

Business Coach


Purchase of Brain Bullet software was the best investments I've ever made - not only for my business but for myself. The boost in confidence, the certainty on my own success and the ultimate improvement of my skills was tangible and noticeable by those around me. Truly, the best program I've done in a long while.

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Alisa Martin

Marketing Strategist


Great software! It has really helped me to grow my business and improve my results.

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George Webber


What Can 28,800 Positive Affirmations Every Single Day Do For YOU?

Set Brain Bullet to zap a new affirmation to you at 1 second intervals and use your PC during an 8-hour shift, and that's exactly what you'll get... 28,800 unique chances to convince your mind whatever you want.

Even if you only use your PC for an hour each day, or 3-4 times a week... that's still 10,000 - 15,000 positive affirmations blasting through your conscious barrier, and echoed through your mind each week!

Are you starting to see the power?

How can any other method of self-improvement compare?

And here's how easy it is for you to use...

Three Easy Steps To Putting Your Goals On Auto-Pilot... In Under 30 Seconds!

Once you've installed Brain Bullet, using it is as a snap. You'll get a full-blown user manual with your purchase, but you'll likely figure it out for yourself in just a few seconds... look how easy it is...


Brain Bullet is incredibly simple to use. See the sample screenshot below...

You just hit the checkbox next to the affirmation groups you want — or, you can edit/create brand new groups with an unlimited number of new affirmations per group... here's how it works...

Whether you have 5 or 50,000 affirmations, you can create specialist "groups" for each set, and select them as and when needed... (I usually concentrate on 1-2 goals per week, and cycle 3-4 groups a month.)

Something in there that you don't like? No problem. Highlight it, and punch "delete". Want to add a new goal? Add it to the list, click "Save", and your changes are instantly registered. It's just so simple!


Brain Bullet offers you a comprehensive, yet easy to use control panel that allows you to customize all the advanced features of the program... literally, with just a click or two.

With ease, you can...

Add/select UNLIMITED affirmations — tick the box next to as many "affirmation sets" as you like, and add a limitless number of new sets/affirmations per set... with ease!
Choose your font — choose a size you're comfortable with, change the color to contrast well with background colors (PC only), make the words "bolder" for times when your desktop is cluttered or smaller for when you want to "hide" the text in the background...
Set your display location — set your affirmations to flash where is most convenient for you... randomly over the screen, or within your active window, for the highest of visibility... Brain Bullet is respectful of your desktop, and easy to work with.
Select the contrast — your messages can flash bold and visibility on the screen, or "opaque" in the background... so as not to disturb you whilst working on other tasks.
Set message interval — set your message display interval anywhere from 1 to 600 seconds apart. Flash messages more regularly for stronger influence, or less frequently for maintenance. You can adapt these settings to suit your needs and preferences.
Set display time — this is probably the most important setting of all. Every mind is unique. If the default display setting is too slow for you (i.e. you can read the text), you can drop it down to as low as 10 milliseconds on a PC — that's 1/100th of a second! Or 50 milliseconds on a Mac.
Test your messages — hit the "test" button to see a preview of your affirmations in action, before they go live... to give you a visual reference to the settings you just made.

Changing your settings takes all of 10 seconds, and your preferences are saved permanently. It's likely you'll never want to change them again... and if you do, you just pull up the main window, hit a few buttons and you're done — the program then operates automatically in the background!


When you click "OK", Brain Bullet automatically retreats to the system tray on your desktop, like so...

Although it's "hidden", the magic will continue to work for you in the background... without any effort or work on your part! The program automatically interacts with your desktop environment, displaying your affirmation files "on the top" of your screen, without interfering with your operation of the computer.

Brain Bullet will automatically cycle through each of your selected affirmation groups, and display them randomly (to an equal weight) at an interval you define — even whilst you're using your PC for other tasks!

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Brain Bullet


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New 'Performance Technology' Zaps Your Mind With Powerful Commands... Helping You Achieve Almost Anything You Desire, Automatically!

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Here Are Your Questions Answered

Is it safe?

Yes, Brain Bullet! is very safe to use. As long as you follow the recommended guidelines within the software and use it for positive intentions, it is very unlikely that any harm could be done with the software.

   The technology behind Brain Bullet! has been tested by ourselves (personally, and commercially) for several years, through our partner software sites and our own use. We have used it ourselves for our own gain... and it has worked, tremendously!

   With thousands of users, there have been no documented side/negative effects in using this software, or working with self-controlled subliminal messages that flash on your computer screen.

   Essentially, the software merely flashes text on the screen— if you've used your computer before today, this is likely nothing new to you. Your computer already "refreshes" thousands of times every minute, and it hasn't affected you. This software merely "focuses" affirmations to you on-screen, via the same technology you've already been using for years.

   However, even though the software doesn't use strobe or rapidly flashing lighting, it is advised that you consult a qualified physician before using the product if you suffer from photo-sensitivity or have an illness that you feel may be effected by the use of Brain Bullet!.

   It is also advised that you consider the outcome of using each affirmation before you allow it to display on the screen, merely to understand the implications of the statement. Please use only positive affirmations that are ONLY intended to do good — to yourself, and to others.

   Subliminal messaging can be powerful. The great news is, you're in complete control: YOU choose which affirmations you want to expose yourself to, and can even create your own!

   Whilst it is our opinion that the product is entirely safe for everyone, neither BrainBullet.com, its parent company or its staff are in a position to offer qualified medical advice, and accept no responsibility for the use of Brain Bullet! For further information, consult our software terms.

What can I use Brain Bullet for?

Almost anything! The possibilities are limitless. Brain Bullet! beams positive affirmations right to your mind... re-shaping your perspective of the world around you, and your reactions to out-side events. Imagine what it could mean to you... if you could destroy negative habits, remove flawed behavior patterns, integrate positive new thought processes, and gain a greater control of your mind.

   The most common question I'm asked is "how can a piece of software actually change my mind, and even if it could, how can my mind actually control what happens in my life?"

   To answer that, you need to truly understand the power of the human brain. Consider this. Every experience you have in your life, is actually created entirely by your mind. Every sound. Every image. Every smell. Every taste. Everything. All of these things exist only as particles around you... a "smell" is only real because your brain assigns a "smell" as a label to certain scents.

   The particles themselves contain no intricate "smell". It's only when your mind maps the millions of rules it has designed for itself to analyze those particles, that the illusion of smell is created for you.

   Likewise, an "image" is merely a collection of light waves assembled by your brain. It's not "real". If you don't believe me, try on a pair of infrared or night-vision goggles, and you'll "see" the world in a whole new way. The world around you is merely a mental interpretation of the information it's fed.

   If you can "train" your mind to "see" your life in a new way, it will adapt to its new beliefs. It's forced evolution. If you believe you have no fear of heights, you won't. If you can realistically envisage your-self making brilliant speeches, you will. If you believe you can store facts easily, you can.

   There is even research to suggest an even stronger mind-body link than first imagined, which may pave the way for affirmations to effect your physical attributes — helping you grow stronger, build muscle mass, lose weight, and even potentially improve your immunity against disease/illness.

   Whilst these statements have not been evaluated by the medical community and no guarantees are given (nor is BB meant to cure or prevent any disease), it's widely accepted by experts in several fields that your mind plays a vital role in your wellness, and certain factors like stress - which can be helped by Brain Bullet! - can alter your physical state. This is just one of the potential benefits.

   Brain Bullet! has so many potential uses. From improving your ability to learn, to controlling your automatic reactions to certain situations, to re-shaping your core beliefs to fall in line with what you really want from life... BB helps unlock the potential that mere "positive thinking" alone can't tap into.

Does it really work?

Yes! For thousands of people around the world, Brain Bullet! is working for them right now. We get new testimonials every week from clients who have experienced great results from using the software — and by crafting specific and relevant affirmations, it really is working for them.

   Whilst obviously we can't guarantee their results will be your own, what we do guarantee is this...

   You have a 60-day risk-free refund window when you purchase Brain Bullet! — meaning, if you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase and you don't see the results you're hoping for, we will issue a charge reversal to your credit card ON THE SPOT. No waiting or messing around. You get it back.

   Whilst we have had very, very few refunds (usually from people who just didn't give the software a fair trial), we have a 100% satisfaction rate with absolutely every refund request honored within 24-48 hours.

   So many people are experiencing AMAZING RESULTS with Brain Bullet! and we really want you to be the next one! For just some of their comments, you'll be excited to read the testimonials page.

What if I have a goal, that isn't included in your affirmations?

No problem! You can easily create your own affirmations, in seconds. Brain Bullet! has a built-in affirmation editor tool. Type a few affirmations, save it, select it, and click OK — that's it!

" Proven and Powerful - Change the Way you think with the Brain Bullet"  

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