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Create your own Subliminal CDs... within minutes, using your PC!

Subliminal Studio + Bonus Add On Sessions

Plus: Includes An Amazing Amount of BONUS Materials!

You Don't Trust The MASS-PRODUCED Subliminal Audios or CDs? Now You Can Quickly Create Your OWN Professional Custom Audio Files With The Easy To Use ORIGINAL SUBLIMINAL STUDIO!

Ask yourself these questions...

Do you find mass-produced subliminal downloads effective for you?
Do you even trust the subliminal download/CDs you buy at local New Age stores or online?
Do you sometimes want subliminal recordings for topics most Audio downloads just don't cover?

There's a simple solution: DO-IT-YOURSELF!

So what's inside the Subliminal Studio package?

Firstly, you'll find my book, "Developing Your Own Subliminal-Studio", with 60 PAGES of EXCLUSIVE information guiding you through the process of creating your own subliminal recordings, step-by-step.

You'll learn exactly how to create your own subliminal tapes, CDs and MP3s, virtually unheard of in the retail world.

Inside the "Developing Your Own Subliminal-Studio" book, you'll DISCOVER:

EXACTLY how to create your own subliminal CDs,
 following my unique step-by-step process
The EXCLUSIVE list of words you should NEVER use in your affirmations - and why!
The REAL TRUTH behind binaural beats, and why
this exciting technology will BLOW YOU AWAY!
The seventeen steps to creating your OWN 
binaural beats
The SPECIAL file format for saving your recordings
 - IGNORE THIS, and your subliminals will NOT work!
The secret "Stereo Confusion" method - and how it can Greatly Enhance your Audio files
Our scoop on controversial "reverse messaging" - and EXACTLY how you can test it's capabilities
PRECISELY how to create "Silent Subliminals" - a technique used by industry insiders!
The LITTLE-KNOWN "compression" technique and how
 you can use it creating your CDs!
The AMAZING secret history of "Adobe Audition" - and how it can help you create subliminal recordings - This one is REALLY something special!
The EXACT STEPS for transferring your recordings to CD, MP3 and your phone!

BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE... The book is only a FRACTION of what's included!

Get These Amazing Benefits When You Opt Subliminal Studio

You'll find our Subliminal-Studio software full of tools and resources to ensure you begin creating your own subliminal Audios perfect for your Phone , Laptop or listen while in your Car - All in just minutes... LITERALLY!


Incredibly soothing, ready-to-use tracks! Absolutely 100% ROYALTY FREE.

20 PRE-RECORDED subliminal CD scripts

Professionally-recorded in MP3 format, with topics from memory skills to confidence.

TWO-and-a-HALF HOURS of sounds from NATURE,

High quality music, straight from nature. Ultra-relaxing, use anywhere. 100% royalty free, licensed direct from Relaxation-CDs.com

Over TWO-and-a-HALF HOURS of expertly-created BINAURAL BEATS

Covering deep meditation, headaches, letting go of stress & more!


Based on Lowery patent 5,159,703, this script will allow you to create your own "silent subliminals" in Adobe Audition! This is THE version that works correctly with Adobe Audition 2.0. EXCLUSIVE to Subliminal-Studio!

Trial version of ADOBE AUDITION

Audio recording and editing software for compiling your OWN subliminal recordings


Pay as you grow

The new OptimizePress Builder combines simplicity of a visual editing interface, with the power of supercharged marketing integrations to power your campaigns

Business Plan

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Lifetime Membership

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This Wasn't Intended to Be a Business Opportunity But HERE'S How YOU Could Make Money With It By Creating Your OWN Custom Subliminal CDs!

Just take a moment to think of what you could ACHIEVE with this powerful resource behind you.

There's your own personal development, for a start.

You may create CDs on topics like improve memory, fears and phobias, or self confidence. Whatever you need you can customize a CD for yourself quickly. You could even create personalized recordings for your friends... they'd be eternally grateful and it'd only take you a few MINUTES!

But perhaps most exciting of all: You may decide to go into BUSINESS!

Andrew Webber, Seattle WA

Brilliant! When I first got started with this kit, I created a couple personalised Audio downloads to help with my own issues. Wow, the results were amazing! Then I started creating them for friends... and then clients. I still can't believe the results I've been getting. This is powerful - THANK YOU!

Tracy, Perth, Western Australia

I was trying to lose weight about 2 months ago, but was unsuccessful. I couldn’t make it work for me. No matter what I did, it seemed like I’d just back out halfway through. However, I found Subliminal Studio through a good friend, and this completely changed everything. I learned how to make my own subliminal messages to tell myself what I need to do and how. 

Lee Smith, Chicago, IL

AMAZINGLY powerful subliminal messaging suite. Just follow the instructions inside this guide and you'll soon be creating subliminal recordings to help change any part of your life - from your health to relationships, from finances to business. Fantastic, highly recommended!

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